What is API Studio?

Updated 1 month ago by Rahul Lahiri

API Studio is a microservices API development tool that helps:

  • Build, test and debug APIs
  • Create service tests for microservices APIs using auto-created mocks for producer services
  • Create component and end-to-end API tests for microservices applications
Test and debug APIs
  • Send requests to API endpoints, either on the web or locally in your IDE
  • Compare responses against a baseline and identify changes
  • Get observability for API requests to producer services
  • Share mocks of your service APIs with other developers
Create service tests with auto-created API mocks

Service tests help test a service in isolation while mocking all producer services.

  • Create API mocks for producers automatically.
  • Run service tests locally in your laptop or in your CI
  • Share your service tests with other developers
Create end-to-end API tests & component tests with listeners

Component tests help test groups of related services together while mocking other internal and external services. End-to-end tests are executed from the gateway with all services live.

  • Deploy Mesh Dynamics listeners and capture API traffic at every service endpoint.
  • API studio enables the creation of component test suites from the captured API traffic.

Listener deployments are part of the advanced deployments only, and not part of the self-serve tool. Component testing requires listener deployment. For end-to-end tests, listeners are required only if you need observability at the different services.

Please contact Mesh Dynamics if you want to install the Mesh Dynamics listeners.

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