Send gRPC Requests

Updated 1 month ago by Rahul Lahiri

Now we will use the API Studio to send gRPC requests to the RouteGuide service.

Create an app: gRPC-sample

Upload proto file

  • Click the Settings icon on the left bar.
  • Select the gRPC tab
  • Upload the proto file

Create and run gRPC request

  • From the API editor and select gRPC (instead of Rest, which is the default)
  • Select routeguide.RouteGuide for the service
  • For the method, select GetFeatureWithNote
  • For the Endpoint, type http://localhost:8980 where the RouteGuide service is listening
  • Run the request. You should see the following.
  • Now, you can set this as the reference request and response by clicking on the Set as Reference button.
  • Save the API request and response to a collection.
  • Re-run the request.
  • Compare the new response with the reference response by clicking on the Diff button. You should see something like the following. The difference is caused by a random note included at the end of the response.

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