Working with API versions

Updated 3 months ago by Rahul Lahiri

When you have multiple collections with variations of the same request, for example, collections for different versions of the same API, you can set a preferred collection to respond to the request received. This enables you to use the correct version of the response as you develop, or even test your front-end for compatibility with multiple versions of the back-end API, your API with different version of the provider services. Or you can use it to prevent unexpected matches if there are many collections across users in the organization that may have similar requests. (All collections across all users in an organization are automatically shared for collaboration.)

Set preferred collection

  1. Click the proxy settings button.
  2. Select the Mock Settings tab.
  3. Now set the preferred collection for matching the API requests.

Once the lookup collection is configured, you are ready to use the API Studio to mock the back-end requests coming from the front-end. Mesh Dynamics will try to respond to the mock requests using the preferred collection first. You can edit / add to the existing collection at any time if changes are made to the contracts, or you need to create additional requests to test additional conditions.

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