HTTP Response: 500 Internal server error

Updated 5 months ago by Rahul Lahiri

Error message

HTTP RESPONSE STATUS: 500 Internal Server Error

Using default mock configuration when there is no history

When you are just beginning to use the API studio for your own application, there is no history to be used for the auto-created mock responses. All egress calls should be going to live services at this stage. However, if you use the default configuration ("All services mocked") for egress calls, then the mock services will fail to return a response -- – since there is not enough data in the history to use for creating mock responses.

Depending on how your service is handling the mock response failures the response returned would be different. For example, the movieinfo service throws an “500 Internal Service Error”.

Fix: Create a request forwarding configuration where all egress requests are sent to live services. Save requests with good responses to collections until API Studio gathers enough API request and response data to serve the API requests.

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